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Eureka! I have discovered America’s problem. As a people, we don’t have attitude! Oh, sure, we’d like to believe that we can have as much attitude as the next guy but truth to tell, our cohones just cannot match up with peoples from other parts of the world. Let me give you a couple of examples: In 1972, when Israeli athletes were killed at the Olympics, the Israeli’s put together a task force for the sole purpose of eliminating – killing, making dead, no longer among the living – every single one of the people involved in the planning and execution of the massacre. They did not rest until each and every one had been eliminated. They did not look for approval from the rest of the world to do this; they merely went out and did it. Some might call it invoking the code of Hammurabi; some decry it as violent and not part of a civilized code of laws. There is and there was a great deal of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth as this was taking place. The world of public opinion was not truly on the side of Israel. Israel didn’t care. I am quite certain that America would not have reacted in the same manner. We would have issued sanctions against those we thought might be behind the slaughter. We might have tried to bring a ringleader or two to justice, but I have strong doubts that we would have taken action as decisive and final as that taken by the Israeli’s.

Now,35 people have been killed at Domodedova, Russia’s largest airport. What will Russia do about it? According to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, Russia will emulate the Israeli actions. “We will find them and we will eliminate them,” he has said. All I can say is, “Damn, brother, good for you; get that team together and take out those bastards. If there happens to be a bit of Islamic collateral damage along the way that, too, is okay.” I’m not advocating a terrorist squad that will go after anyone who happens to be Islamic; I am saying, “Do your homework; find out who the bad guys are, and; waste them.” There is no reason for them to continue to walk the face of this earth; breathe the same air that decent people do, or remain around to boast about their exploits.

“We don’t do that in America because we’re civilized.” No, we’re not. We allow gangs to flourish all over our country and terrorize others. We’re not civilized; we’re cowards. We think a cop should be punished for smashing a woman in the face because she won’t take her foot off the accelerator. No, no, he’s doing his job. We think gangbangers should be given chance after chance after chance until they finally wind up killing someone or committing a crime so heinous that they are given a ‘life’ sentence. That’s just plain wrong. Little Johnny is a poor, misguided youth because of his family and his upbringing; he’s a little shit who deserves to understand that his form of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not for stoning some young lady because she didn’t obey some of the archaic laws of the Middle East. I’m not for chopping off the hand of the thief or any of that other ridiculous nonsense that seems to be in so many codes. I do believe, however, that we – America, that is – knew who was responsible for the World Trade Center bombing and instead of taking direct action, we cried. We did nothing. We finally decided that we should go after Saddam Hussein for what reason I’ve never understood, but that was our answer. Go get the big, bad dictator who tried to have Daddy killed. That’s a great response to an attack. It almost makes America look like it’s doing something…almost, but not quite. Can you imagine how the Israeli’s or the Russians would have responded in a situation like that? In the quiet backrooms, you’d hear that we didn’t want to upset the Saudi’s. Screw the Saudi’s! Maybe that’s been our problem right along. We don’t want to upset those who are, supposedly, doing things for us. However, that does not entitle them to train terrorists to come over here and attack us. I absolutely refuse to believe that those directly responsible for the planning and execution of the World Trade Center bombings have not been directly in the gun sights of teams that could have taken them out.

I’m giving three cheers for the Russians. I hope you find those bastards soon. I hope you put them on display in Red Square or take them down into the bowels of the Lubyanka. I hope you don’t stop until you have the names of every single person involved in the bombing. Then, feel free to kill the bastards…right after you force feed them the pork loin washed down by some good Russian vodka. That’s pretty much a sure fire guarantee that their virgins won’t be waiting for them.

Take a lesson America. The Israelis show no mercy to those who attack their people. Now, the Russians have indicated that they, too, will show no mercy toward those who wish to commit atrocities on their soil. Do you really believe it will embolden others to take revenge? It won’t if we kill enough of them and let their masters understand that we’re no longer going to tolerate terrorist training grounds on their soil.

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