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Bad poetry – 1

To write once more

of those I loved

Would be a maddening task.

For they are gone, and I am here

Still writing to the last.

Their love was true as was mine

Both heavenly and quite divine,

But they are gone, and I am here

In stillness, to opine.


To those I love,

I wish you well,

Wherever you  may be

A candle in my window bright,

Still calls you back to me.

I’ll dry my tears and write my words

‘Til you return to me.


Oh love, why must you be so cruel,

To steal my loves away,

To take from me unendingly

My loves of day to day.

I will survive, and I will write

Of love so very deep

And I will hide these mournful words,

Within the castle keep.

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