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Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I recalled the quote if not the author while I was pedaling my butt off on a bike at the gym this morning. What brought it to mind was the insane (and inane) comments by little Donny T regarding how he would respond to Kim Jong Un’s threat to drop a few missiles 20 kilometers off Guam. These two dictators have been going at it for a while now. It’s something like two bullies in the schoolyard, taunting each other but never throwing the first punch because they are fearful that the other will hit back harder.

Trump’s posturing is typical of his behavior in everything that he has shown us, both as a candidate and as an elected official – I cannot and will not ever refer to him by the title he claims to hold. He has made outrageous claims that cannot be substantiated. He has lied openly and boldly. He has shown no hesitation to turn on those who have supported him. He has demonstrated that his single goal in running for the most important office in this country is merely to make money for himself and for those who are currently in his circle of friends, eg, people in the fossil fuel industry.

I find it interesting that for the majority of people who preceded Trump as commander-in-chief, military options were always the option of last resort. For Trump, a man who never served in the military, and is thus ignorant of standard operating procedures, military options appear to be his first course of action. This can probably be attributed to his psychological profile. I’m willing to wager that his “win at all costs” mentality means going to the biggest weapon in his arsenal right at the outset, rather than trying to compromise in a manner that makes both his adversary and himself satisfied. Just take a look at where he has succeeded and where he has failed. The hotels have been successful not because of him, but despite him. Were he to be on the front desk, serving as the banquet manager, facilities supervisor, or even running the cleaning service, his abrasive personality would soon create sufficient friction to enrage union as well as non-union employees. His golf courses are successful because visitors do not have to deal with him directly. When it came to Trump University, his tactics were too close to his own management style and the results were disastrous. The same can be said for Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, and any other single business where he was closely allied to the name.

In addition to rattling his nuclear saber at North Korea, Trump has now set his sights on Venezuela, making claims about the chaos he sees in the New York Post or perhaps on Fox news. Heaven only knows what the intelligence agencies are sharing with him about activities in that country or any other. He cannot be trusted to keep his 140-character mouth from blabbing information, classified or not. However, if something does leak, you can bet your booties that he’ll find a way to blame some other innocent for his faux pas.

At the present time, I find it impossible to write a kind word about the man falsely elected to the top job in our nation. Donald J. Trump is a fraud and a con man. Many of those who put him into office are now regretting their vote. Others are big money brokers, looking to capitalize in the stock market, and then there are the few ignorant souls to whom he appealed because of his strong messages, not one of which has been fulfilled. “Does not play well with others” is one of the least offensive things that I can say about Trump. Heck, he’s thrown so many people under the bus that the Washington Transit Authority has changed their routes and hasn’t told anyone in the White House about it.

It has been apparent from the outset that Trump has no concept of how to work with other people. His attacks on Democrats in Congress as well as the shots he’s taken at members of his own party are destroying any possibility of getting his own legislative agenda passed. The job of Congress when it returns next month is to fund the government to head off a shutdown and to raise the federal borrowing limit to avert a potentially devastating, first-ever default on US obligations. While these are critical, I don’t see how either can be accomplished unless Trump wakes up and learns how to act with others in a meaningful and polite manner. How he will reconcile with Mitch McConnell is a big unknown, but he will be required to do so if he is to have any hope of getting new health care legislation passed, not to mention what can be done about tax reform, infrastructure legislation, and nominees who must undergo Senate confirmation.

All in all, it seems to me that no person in the position in which Trump finds himself has ever done more to alienate both those on the Democratic side of the aisle as well as those on what is supposed to be “his” side of the aisle. Perhaps the first order of business for Congress would be to begin impeachment proceedings. I’m certain they would find Mike Pence a hell of a lot easier to work with than this caricature of a buffoon who doesn’t have a clue about running a country. In addition, the rest of us will sleep better at night.

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