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Just my view

The exposure of Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator hopefully has opened a new door about how women are treated in this country. While his actions are disgusting and disgraceful by anyone’s standards, he has exposed an attitude that has been accepted by too many men since the Pilgrims first set foot on the shores of the New World. After all, how many women signed the Mayflower Compact, the first written form of government in what is now the US? If your guess was zero, you’re right on the money.

I’m still trying to figure why it took another 228 years for the women’s movement to begin. One of the reasons that I question this goes back to the Salem witch trials that began in 1692. The huge majority of those convicted of witchcraft and executed were women. If I was a woman at that time, I think I’d begin to take a hard look at the men in charge and begin to organize just because of their stupidity. Yes, of course I know that’s not fair, but 228 years is a really long time. I’m certain that during that period there were attempts by individuals and perhaps even small groups, but men being men – and a lot haven’t changed today – they forcibly put down requests for even the most basic of rights. After all, didn’t the Constitution state that, “all men are created equal,” but with no mention of women.

You may find it difficult to believe but it wasn’t until 1920 that a law was passed that banned husbands from beating their wives, and it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the criminal justice system began to look at domestic violence as a crime rather than a “family matter.” When you begin to do a little research on the subject of women’s rights, that is, if you have a compassionate bone in your body, you’re stomach starts to turn over the manner in which our great, great grandmothers were treated by the men in their families.

But, enough of that. The first true organized women’s movement began in 1848 in Seneca Falls, NY. According to Info Please, “After 2 days of discussion and debate, 68 women and 32 men sign a Declaration of Sentiments, which outlines grievances and sets the agenda for the women’s rights movement. A set of 12 resolutions is adopted calling for equal treatment of women and men under the law and voting rights for women.” If you wish to learn more about these resolutions, I invite you to do a bit of research on your own. I think you’ll find it worth the time. In spite of efforts on the part of women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Alice Paul, and many others, it wasn’t until August 26, 1920, that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting voting rights to women, was signed into law by Secretary of State, Bainbridge Colby.

Today, there are women in positions of leadership in almost every field of endeavor. Are there enough? Absolutely not. The glass ceiling, wage inequality, and even “…the grabbing of pussy” is still considered by many narcissistic, misogynistic, pigs to be a male entitlement. It is not. I don’t believe I have ever heard of a case of a female leader walking up to a male underling and grabbing him by the penis “because she was ‘the star’ and could do anything.” No, 99 percent of women – I hope – would never consider such an impropriety.

I can well remember in high school the ‘conquests’ bragged about by classmates. I think it was every boy’s dream to “get laid” before he graduated. Admittedly, I did not. I graduated a high school virgin, something which gives me neither great disappointment nor great pride. Was I a virgin before marriage? Sorry to disappoint, but no, by then I was a proud member of the male chauvinist club. However, and I say this in all sincerity, I do not believe that ever in my life have I consciously disrespected any woman. Perhaps that’s because most of the women I have known have all been a hell of a lot smarter than me and without overtly doing so, have commanded my respect. I have been fortunate to have worked directly for two women. Carolyn “Pat” Patillo was the office manager of Curtis Publishing Company in Boston. As part of the co-op program at Northeastern, I worked at Curtis for several terms. Pat was a victim of cerebral palsy. She walked with two crutches, and it was an effort for her to do so. She was fair, objective, honest, and insightful. Her critiques were always accurate, but it was her sense of fairness that impressed me most. My second female boss is still among the living and therefore, I will not embarrass either of us by mentioning her name. For the first two years of our relationship, it was hell on wheels. To this day, I cannot tell you the exact reason. Had she been brought in as a new vice president? Yep, and I resented the daylights out of it. Was she one of “those” women’s rights advocates who wore her beliefs right up front? Yep, and I’m not certain I thought that was particularly fair. Over the last five years of our relationship, we became a team, and anyone with a critical word to say about her became a lasting enemy of mine. She taught me a great deal, and I will be forever grateful. (STK forever).

Will there be more Harvey Weinstein exposes? I sure as hell hope so. Gentlemen, we can no longer think that we are the be all and end all. Many, many of the women today, as well as the women of yesterday, are so much brighter than we are. It’s up to us to swallow our macho, asshole pride and admit it. I’m pleased to see attorney’s general going after companies and demanding equal pay for women. I was really pleased when GM named Mary Barra as CEO, a promotion that was well earned and well deserved. While we still have a long way to go to smash and throw away that ceiling made of glass, who knows, maybe a Madame President isn’t such a strange dream after all.

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What a country II

I really must stop asking, “How stupid can he possibly be?” Donald Trump seems to be taking it as a personal challenge…really. His increasing fall from reality must be looking pretty darned good to what few Cabinet members he has as well as a growing number of Congressmen and women. I mean, come on, when you get into a pissing contest with the dictator of North Korea who couldn’t care less about his own people and you bring your country pretty close to the brink of a nuclear war, you really should be checking in with your shrink to see if your elevator is still going all the way to the top. If that’s not bad enough, you forget your obligations to American territorial possessions, sign an executive order that is going to screw millions of poor people, and manage to alienate several of our closest allies by disavowing a nuclear deal that has the approval of those allies. What am I missing? American voters thought they were electing a businessman, not a politician. Donald Trump isn’t a businessman. He’s a billionaire who played at being a businessman. And he certainly has no political intelligence whatsoever. His screws aren’t loose, they’re ready to fall out, and I expect to see Heckel or Jeckyl pop up as the head falls off. At least those two crows knew enough to get out of trouble when it happened.

While Germany, France, Great Britain, and the rest of the civilized world is wondering, “Whatever happened to America,” we’ve become embroiled in such critical questions as, “Will Trump’s admonition of NFL owners result in new standards of behavior during the playing of the national anthem,” and “Who gives a damn about those millions of poor people and their health care anyway.” I think Goldilocks’ next move will be to name Harvey Weinstein as Secretary of Health and Human Services. It just seems logical for a jerk to appoint a jerk-off. It appears to me that Mr. Trump is making waves in every direction but one, that being Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. It’s called keeping Mueller off the front page and out of the television headlines.

Speaking of the NFL, if the owners vote to force all their players and staff to stand during the national anthem, isn’t it a violation of the First Amendment rights of the players. And when a group of those players decide to protest anyway, by taking a knee or whatever, how will the owners punish them. It certainly cannot be by benching them. The alternative would be to dock their pay. I’d like to see them enforce that one without finding themselves involved in a lawsuit. Perhaps Trump will issue another executive order absolving the owners of any responsibility for their actions and put the blame where it so rightly belongs…on Roger Goodell and the NFL. If that makes sense to you, you might wish to apply for one of the unfilled deputy secretary positions that Trump has yet to fill. Speaking of executive orders, Trump was highly critical of Barack Obama back in 2012, tweeting “Why is Barack Obama constantly issuing executive orders that are major power grabs of authority?” Trump has signed 50 executive orders to Obama’s 26 at this point in his Presidency. It’s truly amazing how short Trump’s memory is, and I’m certain that were he to be confronted about the executive orders he would maintain that he never, ever, made that tweet. Trump’s lie-ability is truly fascinating; both The New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as Politico and several other sites are keeping track of the lies told by this man since taking office. I stopped counting at somewhere over 400, and that was only from the Times tally.

It seems to me that Donald Trump, in addition to all of his other lovely qualities, is a racist white supremacist. Elaine Chao and Ben Carson are the only minorities in his Cabinet, and his intense, secretive hatred of Obama is coming out as he attempts to destroy anything that smacks of success from the Obama Presidency. First, Trump was one of the first authors of the “birther movement,” which stated that Obama was not a viable candidate for the office. Once Obama was elected, the tweets from the “tower” constantly bombarded America’s first black president. Oh, and among those tweets was the number of times that Obama was ‘caught’ playing golf. In a tweet from October, 2014, dear Donny wrote, “Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter” Sorry, Donald, but at this particular point in time, you are a plus seven over former President Obama. Try this one, “Can you believe that, with the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump spent the day playing golf.” See, what goes around, Donald, can come around and bit you right square in the ass!

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