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What the hell is going on in politics today? In New York we have wily-willy-waving Weiner. In San Diego, Mayor Bob Filner is suing the city because he was denied sexual harassment training. In Washington, Rand Paul is calling potential presidential opponent, Governor Chris Christie the ‘king of bacon’ while Christie is calling Paul  (a) dangerous and (b) something akin to ‘the pork barrel master.’ Shouldn’t Christie, if he’s the king, be calling Paul ‘the queen?’ Oops, maybe that’s just not right. Meanwhile, back at the Senate Office Building, John McCain accidently goes through a door where the President is meeting with Democratic leaders, says “Excuse me,” and reporters from around the nation’s capitol begin touting it as a major story. I agree with Senator McCain on this one – don’t faint –when he tweeted, “Get over it.”

I really don’t know which of these American political tit-for-tats is more embarrassments. That we have reached this point in government is something for which we should all be ashamed. After all, we put these idiots – with the exception of you, Senator McCain – in positions of power. Weiner got waggled out of Congress but didn’t quit his dong-dinging. The fact that this guy has been asked to drop out of the race by everyone except God just isn’t getting through his head. I’d say that a lobotomy is in order but apparently he feels that this type of controversy is good for the polls. It’s a possibility that Weiner gets turned on whenever his chief spokesperson, Barbara Morgan, goes on a potty mouth rant. Sorry, Barbie but calling an intern a “slutbag, twat, and c*nt” demonstrates a remarkable lack of political understanding. Time you learned that in any political game, what you say in your sleep is fair game for rebuke.

San Diego’s 70-year old Filner, a former 10-term Congressman, is beyond laying the blame at someone else’s door. The man’s a ‘groper’ and a ‘grabber.’ This is the 21st Century, ‘Lil Booby;’ Sexual harassment has been around much longer than you’ve been in politics and don’t try to feed your constituents the bullshit that you didn’t know that what you were doing was wrong. Perhaps that’s why you’re divorced; the wifey got sick and tired of watching you play grab ass with every young thing that came – pardon the pun – within reach of your horny hands. Telling a woman that she should work without wearing panties also goes just a bit beyond sexual harassment. I understand you’ve admitted that you “have a problem.” Gee, ‘Headlock Bob,’ isn’t that what Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, used as a defense. Ah, I guess if that’s what you’ll admit to, I have to ask how many run-down houses you own.  That may be unkind but not half as unkind as what you’re doing to the citizens of San Diego.

It seems that the feud between NJ Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is nothing more than an opening salvo between two 2016 Presidential contenders. Christie’s weight and his weight loss will undoubtedly become a point down the line, just as Paul’s crazy and ‘really, really dumb’ idea to cut off aid to Egypt will also be mentioned. When your own party tells you they’re not with you and beats your ass by an 86-13 vote on the foreign aid to Egypt proposal, you know that your views need some rethinking.  Paul has made enough mistakes in the Senate that it’s a wonder he isn’t gagged the minute he enters the chamber.

America is a great country…in spite of those we elect to public office. First-term Senator, Elizabeth Warren sent me a letter the other day; a form letter to be sure but it also contained a sheet of stickers, similar to what teachers used to give the good little girls and boys in kindergarten. The stickers bore the face of the President, the Democratic logo, and some other nonsensical patriotic red, white, and blue decals. The plea was to give money in order that the Democrats maintain a majority in the Senate. The appeal was juvenile and pathetic. Cutesy doesn’t work for me. Yes, I’d like to see a Congress where the Democrats are in charge for the next couple of years, if only to allow Obama to get some much-needed legislation enacted through a Congress that has more to do than pass 20 pieces of largely useless laws in the first six years of this President’s term.

God Bless America, but certainly with reservations about some of the people who run it.

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Call me an old man who doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Call me an idiot who’s voted the way others have told him to vote for the past half century plus.  You can even call me someone who hasn’t voted in every Presidential Election; you’d be wrong, but you can say it. There were times when I practically had to drag my ass to polling places because I was feeling so rotten…but I dragged my ass and I voted. It is the duty of every American 21 years of age and older to get out and vote, yet only 62 percent voted in the 2008 election. Thirty-eight percent of the eligible voters decided to stay at home. That’s a big voting bloc.

There are, I suppose, good reasons why people don’t vote. Maybe some just can’t get to a polling place. Maybe some are discouraged from going to vote. Perhaps others are illiterate or figure that their single vote won’t mean anything. Those are the folk for whom I really feel sorry…the ones who think their vote won’t count. It might not; then again, it might be the swing vote on some referendum or political office that could change the direction of the country. I’d like to think of my vote in that way.

Any who, be that as it may, this year in Massachusetts, we have a battle for the United States Senate. I pretty much know what the incumbent’s positions are on the issues that are of interest to me so I decided to check out the opponent. She maintains that she’s something like one thirty-second Native American and since I happen to be one two thousandth of some tribe or other, I’ll perform my due diligence. By the bye, that’s become a huge issue in the campaign. Is Elizabeth Warren, the candidate running for United States Senator from Massachusetts part Native American or not. Supposedly, she’s received all sorts of preferential treatment because of her heritage, and that, according to those in her opponent’s camp, believe that (a) she is not part Native American; (b) that her preferential treatment has been because she’s lied about being part Native American, and; (c) that all of this disqualifies her for being in the United States Senate.

Frankly, I rather doubt that there has ever, in the history of the United States Congress, been a man or woman who hasn’t lied about some part of their background. They sure as hell lie to the American public on a daily basis. “We’re doing what’s best for America,” they tell us. That is more bullshit than would ever be needed to fertilize the grassland, leas, and meadows of the entire country from now until December 20, 2012 when we’re told by some damned fool that the world is going to come to an end. It’s a wonder that idiot isn’t in Congress!

I don’t care about your heritage Elizabeth; I really don’t. What I would like to know is what you are going to do to – specifically going to do – to help reduce the federal deficit; to boost the economy; to help get America back on track. How are you going to ensure that Wall Street is held accountable, as you say in your ads? I have never seen more glittering generalities on a politician’s web site than appear on those of Elizabeth Warren. It reminds me a great deal of that 38 percent I spoke of earlier, the group who don’t vote because they (a) don’t do their due diligence and (b) don’t think their single vote will count.

We would all like to hold the feet of the money grubbers on Wall Street to the fire. How? How are we going to do that? How do you plan to counter those 44 Republican Senators and their buddies on Wall Street? You will have to be more of a fighter than you’ve shown me you are. You will have to be just as down and dirty as the rest of the crowd. That will entail doing some things that, just as a human being, you probably thought you’d never have to do. Have you drafted legislation that you are prepared to enter into the hallowed (Ha!) halls of Congress in your first week to shut down the Tea Party and its supporters? What do you mean when you say, “I want us to build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children?”

While I am willing to endorse the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren for the United States Senate, I’m not certain she knows just how dirty, how filthy rotten dirty the game of politics is played in Washington, D.C. As someone noted recently, “It’s considered a blood sport,” and if anyone, anyone at all who enters the arena isn’t willing to bloody and be bloodied, they aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell!

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