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In the “as if we needed to hear any more bullshit from you,” category, Donny Trump tweeted that “ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!”

This is just another indication of why Trump is not a leader, just a thin-skinned child who, when he doesn’t get his way, takes his ball and goes crying home…in this case, to his daughter, not his wife…hmm. It was the perfect opportunity to admit that ‘his’ congressional leaders were unable to develop a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act {ACA}. He could have followed it up with, “Now is the ideal time for Republican and Democratic leaders to reach across the aisle and, together, develop a plan that will replace the flaws in ObamaCare and that will ensure that all Americans receive appropriate health coverage.” That is something that a leader would have done.

Consider the number of times that Republicans attempted to repeal the ACA over the eight-year term of Barack Obama. The number, by the way, is sixty. It seems to me that rather than spending all of that time attempting to repeal a law, they could have more productively spent their time developing a plan to replace the Act. If you, as a member of Congress, felt that ObamaCare was such a terrible piece of legislation, wouldn’t you first come up with a better, stronger, more viable plan rather than behaving like a bunch of spoiled children? I’m sorry, am I being too logical here? Was it, perhaps, a case of, “We don’t want anything that the ‘foreign-born,’ n-word, SOB got past us to ever show up as part of his legacy! Oh, naw, that could never be the case…or could it? Was it that this first national health plan, for all its flaws, managed to get enacted by Congress?

You see, I’m rather a cynic when it comes to killing something just for the sake of killing it. I don’t hunt, but I used to enjoy deep sea fishing enormously. We kept the bluefish and stripers that we caught because people would eat them. If we were having a better than average day, it was catch and release. The Republican Party had seven years to put together a better health plan. They-didn’t-do-that. They-wanted-to-kill-a-program-that-had-been-legally-enacted-without-having-the-faintest-fucking-idea-of-what-to-replace-it-with. Now, I don’t know about you, but I might just have wanted to ask my Republican Congress person what he or she was doing to develop a plan to replace ObamaCare during those seven years, and if they didn’t have an answer, I might just have voted his/her ass right out of that Congressional seat. Am I being too harsh for you here?

Now, unable to come up with something to replace the Affordable Care Act, instead of uniting Congress, this idiot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the “Greatest Deal Maker of All Time,” whines and moans and blames everyone without even considering the tremendous opportunity put before him, starts his surrender talk with, “Well, no Democrats were going to vote for anything the Congress came up with.” Note that please. It wasn’t “…anything we came up with,” it was, “…anything Congress came up with.” In other words, “It wasn’t my fault; it was the fault of those assholes in Congress.” It’s this lack of leadership qualities or even understanding the qualities of leadership that terrifies me about this man. He was a little king in a small village when he had his businesses that were being run by others. He was a television celebrity who could do as he damn well pleased when he was on air. He is now in a position that requires skills and qualities that he has never and probably will never possess, but because of his celebrity status and the bombast with which he conducted his campaign, he was the chosen one.

There is a need for our nation to have a health plan. There is a need for a health plan that covers the rich, middle, poor, and elderly classes. It can be done. Mitt Romney showed that it could be done in Massachusetts. Was his plan perfect? No, it, too, was flawed, but care was taken to correct many of those flaws. No plan, whoever, drafts it, is going to ever be 100 percent guaranteed to work for everyone. We are not a one-size-fits-all nation. Hell, we weren’t even a one-size-fits-all-state. From the hills of Holland to the tip of Provincetown and from Florida to Dracut and beyond, Massachusetts residents have different needs, but by God, Romney tried and did something no other governor had done. Now is the time for Ryan and McConnell, Schumer and Pelosi to sit down, shake hands, look at one another, and simultaneously ask one another, “How do we pull ourselves out of this deep shit,” for that’s what it is. Trump and his hooligans will do everything in their power to ensure that the ACA implodes, just to get back at Obama. It’s time for the adults in the room – those from both sides of the aisle – to come together and determine what is best for the country, for all 326,474,013 members of this country. Forget ‘Hairspray’ and his band of brothers, for he will attempt to sabotage your efforts. While sub rosa may be a term we don’t care to hear, it may be the only way that the nation will be able to make health care for all a reality. Demonstrate that you are true leaders even though we don’t have one sitting in the White House.

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I must be going blind. This is not a literal statement, but in a figurative sense, there is no question that my vision has taken a bad turn somewhere. I cannot see why anyone in their right mind or with corrected vision would ever consider Donald J. Trump to be Presidential. Custodial perhaps, but Presidential? It’s not difficult to see why many Americans believe Trump to be a Messiah of some ilk. He boasts; he brags; he puts forth plans that, on the surface, appeal to those with little or no knowledge of how the plans would actually work. He’s a showman; a carnie man, a television personality, a failed businessman who bends the truth to meet his personal requirements.

Trump states that he inherited one million dollars from his family. History shows and Forbes Magazine confirms that the amount was closer to $40 million. With that money, he has amassed an enormous net worth of, according to him, $10 billion. Again, going back to Forbes, that net worth is closer to $4.7 billion. It’s still a lot of money but how it’s been garnered is open to question. In the 1980s, when Trump Plaza was being constructed, a sub-contract when to S&A Concrete, a company partially owned by the mafia. “Trump World Tower, supported by the Quadrozzi Concrete Company, is also tangentially related to La Cosa Nostra. The head of the company, John Quadrozzi Sr., was tied to the Lucchese crime family and indicted for making illegal payoffs to the mob in 1992.”1 The list goes on and on about Trump’s nefarious dealings with the mob. If one of the qualities of a President is assumed to be “A person of strong character,” Trump fails to meet the standard.

Let’s take a moment to look at some of Trump’s business failures: The Eastern Airlines Shuttle from Boston to New York and Washington ran for 27 years. Many was the time that I would hop a 6:30 am shuttle to head to either destination. It was a great convenience (plus free parking). In 1988, Trump purchased the service for a reported $365 million. He improved the look of the service by adding maple-wood veneer to the floors, chrome-plated seat belt clasps and gold bathroom fixtures. It didn’t work and the Trump Shuttle never turned a profit. The high debt accrued forced Trump to default on his loans, and the shuttle ceased to exist in 1992. In 2006, Trump introduced Trump Vodka, designed to compete with Grey Goose. If you happen to own a bottle of Trump’s vodka, hold onto it because it’s highly doubtful you’ll find it on liquor store shelves today…but you will find Grey Goose.

Claire Sudduth of Time Magazine noted in an article about Trump’s bankruptcies, “”I don’t like the B word,” Donald Trump said in 2010 while testifying in a New Jersey bankruptcy courtroom about his gambling company, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., which had filed for bankruptcy for the third time. Given the number of times Trump has flirted with bankruptcy, you’d think he’d be used to that word by now.

“In 1990, the banking institutions that backed his real estate investments had to bail him out with a $65 million “rescue package” that contained new loans and credit. But it wasn’t enough, and nine months later the famous developer was nearly $4 billion in debt. He didn’t declare personal bankruptcy, although his famous Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, N.J., did have to file for it  Trump’s economic troubles continued through the early ’90s, while he was personally leveraged to nearly $1 billion. In 2004, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts also filed for bankruptcy. The company was only a small portion of Trump’s real estate empire, but he did still have to personally cough up $72 million to keep it afloat. In 2009, the same company filed for bankruptcy again. Yet during all of this, no one ever told Trump, “You’re fired!” Probably because no one could.2 In case you weren’t counting, Trump has gone bankrupt four times. He later claimed that those were not his failures as a businessman but strategic decisions to help him make more money. In other words, he manipulated the system for personal gain. Gee, isn’t Bernie Madoff doing time for that, along with several other sleazebags?

Much more could be said about Mr. Trump and his potential candidacy for President of the United States. In truth, he’s a bully, a bigot, a racist, a sexist, a liar, and perhaps the worst individual ever to be considered for the highest office in the land. I never cared much for Mitt Romney when he was Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but you can bet your boots that should he run as a third party candidate, I will be checking his name off in the voting booth.


  1. Politifact…a division of the Tampa Bay Times
  2. Claire Sudduth, Time Magazine, April 29, 2011

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There are those who believe that the “Debacle in Denver,” a.k.a, the first Presidential debate between President Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, ended with conclusive victory; the Republicans are certain that Governor Romney carried the evening; the Democrats believe that it was an obvious win for President Obama. Both groups are correct, and, unfortunately, both groups are wrong. You see it doesn’t really matter who occupies the White House next January 20th; what really matters is who occupies that big-domed structure down the street.

This country has been so polarized by the 112th Congress that it is debatable whether the 113th will fare much better. We are dangerously close to becoming as a paralyzed nation as we were just prior to the Civil War. That is not to say that the Tea Party Republicans will push their states to secede; it is to say that the people representing that party as well as a group of Democrats who wouldn’t cross the aisle to spit on the Republican ground have no place in a nation that depends so greatly on a Congress that thinks country before party.

I’ve complained long and loud about the United States Congress. I consider one of President Obama’s greatest faults is that he hasn’t acted more like a Lyndon Johnson who was one tough SOB who knew where every Representative and Senator’s skeletons were buried and he used that knowledge to get exactly what he wanted from Congress. Sam Rayburn (D-Texas), Everett Dirksen (R-Illinois), Thomas ‘Tip’ O’neill (D-Massachusetts) were of Johnson’s ilk. They could be charming and effective, and they could be as mean as a baby rattler and be effective. Today, we have John Boehner who wants to be king with a lower case ‘k,’ and Nancy Pelosi who wants to be King with an upper case ‘K.’ Unfortunately, it appears that the jesters in both courts are the one’s pulling the strings of puppets lower and upper case ‘k’s.’

What terrifies me is the Governor Romney appears to believe that he will actually have greater success than President Obama. He should have learned something during his tenure in Massachusetts, and that is that legislative bodies don’t give a damn about your title. There is a quid pro quo that must take place if you wish to get your legislation passed. The Governor learned that the hard way when he wanted his health care legislation passed. He also learned that it doesn’t matter how much legislation you veto – in his case it was 800 – if the legislators wanted it passed, they’ll merely override your veto. In other words, the power of the veto is utterly useless in the hands of the ‘real politicians.’

Even when the President has a majority in both houses of Congress, the road is not easy. Politics is the art of compromise. The office of the presidency is the art of leadership. The hallmark of the Supreme Court Justices is that of fairness and understanding. Unless the three branches are capable of working in some sort of harmony, the Union will stagnate, atrophy, and die. We, I regret to say, have already passed the stagnant state. That became apparent when the 112th Congress adopted a policy of, “We cannot let ‘him’ win one.” My God, if ever there was a statement that deserved expulsion from a legislative body, that was it; yet, king Boehner and his colleagues did nothing.

America is in trouble. It has nothing to do with who is elected President in November. It has to do with who is elected to Congress. If the radicals on both sides of the aisle are allowed to retain their seats, our next stage of dying won’t be far away.  H. Ross Perot – God Bless his little heart – coined a slogan, “Wake Up America.” It’s too bad that we didn’t listen more carefully.

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Once upon a time, long, long, ago, in a country called America – actually, it was the United States of America but, hey, let’s keep things brief [ha] – there was a word that had a great deal of meaning. That word was “loyalty.” Actually, that’s bullshit. The word, “loyalty” was loyalty to your own kind; it had nothing to do with being loyal to those who might be the slightest different from you or your family…in any way possible. The Puritans left the colonists because the colonists didn’t believe as they did. Those who were loyal to the crown, the Tory Conservatives felt that the Whig Patriots were traitors, which, truth be told, they were…or were they?

America has been about as screwed up a nation as one can possibly imagine. There were those who wanted to run the Colonies in much the same manner as the Crown ran the ‘home country.’ The wealthy controlled the land and all that was on it, from the fish in the streams to the animals in the woods to the villagers who worked on the land. It appears from my reading that rising above the stature of one’s birth was impossible unless it was done by deceit, rebellion, and murder.  Lincoln might have announced the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, but Congress didn’t make it a law. Indeed, it wasn’t until 1954, when the Supreme Court ruled in Brown vs. the Board of Education that state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white children was unconstitutional. Even then, many states fought the idea of integrating schools. That was two years after I had received my high school diploma and was already working on an undergraduate degree. Talk about living in a world of ignorance; mine was and, quite frankly, has remained a white bread world for well over 50 years.

When one (me) lives in total ignorance of the world around them, I’m not completely certain why that ignorance remains. Certainly, I’d heard of the Bromley-Heath and Columbia Point housing projects in Boston. Hell, I even watched Columbia Point being built while on my way to classes, but it never occurred to me what the living conditions would be like. People used to tell me that I was crazy to hitchhike from Columbia Circle, just above the project, but nothing ever happened except when a white man tried to run me down. I’d been picked up by blacks and whites and never had a problem in the world. By then, of course, there were no Tories or Whigs, and the Democrats and Republicans dueled in a gentlemanly fashion to ensure that what they were doing was best for the country and not for a political party.

It never really dawned on me that black people weren’t getting the same brand of education that white people were getting. Then integration hit Boston, and it became apparent that there were certain groups of whites who didn’t want their children exposed to blacks. They didn’t understand that there were an equal number of black people who felt basically the same way. In back of it all was the same old story; blacks were not being given equal education and whites didn’t want the black community to learn the truth…pretty goddamned sick, isn’t it?

We began to wonder why more and more black kids were dropping out of school and doing things like robbing and earning their money illegally. No one ever seemed to give a hell of a lot of thought to the fact that schooling was doing anything for them. The ‘niggers’ were still second-class citizens and anything that whites could do to ensure it would stay that way would be done. However, whites don’t deserve all of the blame. Mothers with six kids by different fathers didn’t seem to be all that uncommon in the black community. Don’t ask me why, but who’s going to discipline the younger kids if there’s no dad around to accept the responsibility. A quick fuck or two maybe fun and games, but it also entails a certain amount of accountability and responsibility.  

When drugs hit the streets of Boston –LSD was introduced around 1963 – Marijuana was already a money-maker, the drug having been introduced in the early 1900s to America. It was easy money, but money with a curse. One never knew whether or not the buyer or even the seller might be selling the ‘real deal.’ What better way for kids with a third-rate education or none at all to pick up extra money? To appropriately write on this subject would take volumes of both research and putting together a coherent piece. That is not what this essay is about.

This essay is really about me and the world of ignorance in which I have lived my life. I’m not proud of having not experienced some of the trials that people of different colors and ethnic backgrounds have experienced. I can now better understand why I sometime received strange looks when I’d make a comment that today sounds to me so stupid and insensitive. A group of black freshmen at Babson, where I was working, walked into the financial aid office one day. I happened to be there, chatting with the director of financial aid, a black lady. The kids wanted to know where they could go for haircuts. I knew of a barbershop nearby and mentioned it. My friend (and the kids) looked at me liked I didn’t know my ass from my elbow; I didn’t. I didn’t realize that cutting the hair of black people requires a different skill set from cutting the hair of white people…does the word, “idiot,” mean anything to you?

I never knew what real poverty was like until I met and talked with some people who lived in one-room tar paper shacks. I never knew what homelessness was until I had a chance to sit down with some homeless people …I still can’t say that I know what those situations are; I’ve never experienced them; seen them, sure; talked with people in those situations, of course; but know them first hand? No, I have not. I’m not ashamed of the fact, but it certainly leaves me somewhat uneducated.

You and I can’t possibly understand what it’s like to have AIDS unless we have the disease or have a family member who is fighting it. We don’t know what the millions of jobless are facing unless we’ve lived through it – with that one I can associate, having taken three years to find a job after I’d lost one at the age of 43. There is so much we don’t understand about the people who are living in our own country.

Perhaps, if the politicians, who say they can ‘fix’ all of America’s problems, knew precisely what those problems are, we could get started on bringing America back into a position of prominence. Frankly, I think that there are too many political leaders out there who honestly believe they know what’s going on in our nation, but who, in fact, don’t have one bloody clue. Obama may be black, but he sure as hell didn’t grow up in Caprini Green in Chicago, a project that symbolized the problems with public housing in America. Mitt Romney may know which fork to use when eating the oysters Rockefeller, but he’s never had to pick a piece of pizza out of a trashcan to satisfy the pangs of hunger in his stomach.

It seems to me that our politicians are looking at a picture that is so big, they’ve forgotten that it’s the little problems that have created that big picture. Perhaps it’s time they began to heed the advice of the philosophers of old when asked, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer, of course, is one bite at a time. Of course, our problems have solutions. And it’s not naïve to believe they can be solved. However, it cannot be done by casting blame; it cannot be done by accusations that border on the asinine. It cannot be done by lying, blatant lying, about who is doing what and who is not doing what.  This country needs a good solid kick in the ass. We got one with 911 and for a brief period of time we came together. I ask you, Mr. President, and I ask you, Mr. Romney, is another disaster what you people are waiting for in order to unite this great nation? If that’s what you want Mr. Ryan, and if that’s what you’re hoping for Vice President Biden, then to my way of thinking, you can all go find a jungle somewhere and start throwing coconuts at one another. As for the rest of us, we may not agree on everything, but we’ll find a way to work things out without the Boehner’s, Pelosi’s, Byrd’s, and Kantor’s of this nation. Just remember what Margaret Mead told us…“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” That puts you folks and the rest of the bumbleheads in Washington on notice…get with the program and stop bitching at one another!

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Do you suppose this is the way Mitt Romney is trying to throw the election? Certainly his backhanded criticism of London and England’s preparation for the Olympics, and frankly, I’m not certain that he understood that he was being shot down by Prime Minister David Cameron. Then it’s off to Israel where (1) no press was allowed at a private dinner; and, (2) word leaked out that he was sucking up to the Israelis by attacking the culture of the Palestinians. Way to go, Mitt; I can’t imagine what you’ll say to Lech Walesa while you’re in Poland. It’s just a further indication that his familiarity with international relations is somewhere just below the whale crap at the bottom of the ocean and Wile E. Coyote’s chances of catching the Road Runner. According to the Boston Globe, Romney indicated that Israel’s gross domestic product per person is about $21,000, compared with that of Palestinians, “which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality,’’ he said at the fund-raising event. In reality Israel’s GDP is $31,000 per person as opposed to $1,500 per person in Palestine.

The distortions of truth by both the Obama and Romney campaigns are not good for America. Both men should realize this, grow up, and intervene with what their campaigners are trying to do. Campaigners,’ gentlemen, have the job of making the opponent look like a simpleton, act like a criminal, and/or behave like a kid in his first whorehouse. Where the hell are Ron Paul and Ross Perot when we need them? I never really agreed with their political views, but at least they stuck to the heart of what we need to hear.

I was happy to see that Congress finally came together and passed a bill that will allow the government to continue to operate for another six months. I’m somewhat surprised that one of those greedy bastards didn’t sneak a provision into the bill that gave them a six percent raise. If something directly affects the members of Congress, they seem to have no trouble “coming together,” but something that affects the rest of the population, such as a jobs bill or health care, becomes so partisan that absolutely nothing is accomplished other than a continuation of the ‘blame game,’ and further polarization of the Congress which in turn leads to greater polarization among the general populace.

For a number of years, I have been comparing the empire that we call America to that of Rome. Just as Rome began as a small city…think America at the time of the Revolutionary War. At its greatest period, the Roman Empire was huge, its expansion coming as a result of alliances and small wars. Like Rome, America expanded through alliances…think France and Spain specifically and through wars, to encompass an entire continental land mass and beyond.

Why did the Roman Empire fall? Wow, now you’re asking me to read the tea leaves, gaze into the crystal ball, or become more of an historian than would ever be possible in a lifetime.  Some would say that Emperor Constantine’s adoption of Christianity was at fault. The empire retained its power through wars and continued alliances. The manner of “Christian religious beliefs and allegiances conflicted with the working of empire. As one friend said to me, “Christianity was a cult out of control.”  In addition, some would say that the rise of Islam as a religion contributed to the fall; gee, does that sound familiar?

There is any number of factors that contributed to the fall of Rome. Many of these same factors appear to be infiltrating the culture of America. The Roman Senators were drawn from the rich and supposedly were advisers on foreign policy, managed to get their hands into the lives of everyday citizens through the decrees that they issued. Today’s Congress has taken it a step further. They pass laws that seem to affect everyone but themselves. For example, their health care package is better than any you or I could get. They are on Social Security when they retire but they have a generous retirement package that most people would envy.

Like Rome, we’re not going to suddenly collapse; it will be a gradual decline. For instance, common people were stuck paying very high taxes, while the rich received large grants and tracts of land that only made them richer; the government was running out of money to pay bills and didn’t even have enough to pay the military. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s something, as I say, that I’ve been pondering for a while.

Anyone who is a student of the Roman Empire, could, I’m certain, draw many more comparisons between Rome and America including incompetent leadership as a cause. We’re lucky; we have history on our side and can learn from it…or can we?

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The glittering generalities that are being bandied about by Governor Romney and President Obama during the lead-up to the Presidential campaigning that should begin to take place any day now are wonderful media bites. I cannot help but wonder, however, just when they are going to switch gears and tell us not about the failings of their opponent but what they are actually going to do to halt the decline of the American Empire. Frankly, I’m beginning to believe that neither candidate has a clue.

“We’re going to create millions of jobs…and I know how to do it! My opponent does not!” Okay, that all sounds well and good, but things didn’t work out to well for the President during his first term in office and they certainly weren’t demonstrated by Governor in his four-year stint here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Therefore, fellas, if you don’t begin to tell me precisely what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, I might just have to go looking around for someone with the courage to stand up and say I’m going to do this, this, and this in language I can understand and waste my vote on this poor bastard because we all know he doesn’t stand a chance. He’s too damned intelligent and that’s the last person we want in the Oval Office, someone who thinks for him or herself, and doesn’t really give a damn about where the chips may fall.

What is wrong with us that we accept at face value what the two candidates are saying? Right now, the glittering generalities – read that as political propaganda – that are coming in off the campaign trail really are saying nothing, nada, zero, zilch, zip! In addition, everyone is intent on blaming everyone and anyone else but themselves for the failure of America to move forward. Move forward? Where do we want to go? What does moving forward actually mean? Does it mean putting people back to work? Back to work doing what? What are these jobs that Americans are looking for? If they’re manufacturing jobs, America cannot compete with other countries who can manufacture the same products and at lower prices. We allowed that one to skip right on by us years ago. What, do we think we can turn back the hands of time? If Romney is an ‘outsourcer’ and Obama is an ‘insourcer,’ they’re both wrong. In the case of the Governor, how can you outsource and create jobs? Create them where, in what segment of the economy; in what new fields? Tell us, Governor; tell us the entire truth; you outsourced the hell out of jobs when you spent four years in the State House, so what happens in the White House? Mr. President, you want to bring these jobs back to America? What jobs can we actually do better than the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Pilipino workers and those places that pay zip and still do a better job than our own unionized – they have to be unionized, of course – workers? You saved the auto industry, you say. Well, hell, I wonder just how long that bubble is going to hang on before somebody from across the seas comes up with higher quality at a lower price.

Please don’t get me wrong; I love this country. I love everything about it, but as someone whose opinion I respect said to me recently, “You’ve been living in a white bread world for so long, you’ve got blinders on. You don’t have a clue about the problems of much of America because you’ve never lived them.” Despite the fact that I didn’t come from a wealthy or even middle-income family, she’s right. My working career was spent in higher education. That is not the real America. The students I met had the money to attend college; the faculty was in a world so far from day-to-day reality that I often questioned the sanity of most of those with whom I dealt. America is what makes up America. It’s the guy with the lunch box who builds the buildings that aren’t being rented. It’s the farmer who realizes that if his crop is deprived of rain and sunshine that he’s not certain how he can keep his family fed. It’s the researcher who is dependent on grant after grant if she’s ever going to find a cure for ALS or some mutated form of cancer, or whatever, and who goes to bed each night crying because she made no progress today and another ten, fifteen, or twenty thousand more died. America is cops and teachers, secretaries and law clerks. We are a hodgepodge of educated and uneducated, or socially conscious and criminally willing. We are what we are. That, I do know. I also know that I haven’t heard one God damned idea from either of these candidates about precisely how they are going to “Bring America Back.”

They’re out there, you know; the ones who have the new ideas; the ones who are not looking at this young 21st Century, but are casting their gaze much further down the road. They see the future and they know what it will take to get us there. They can see what jobs will be required, maybe not with complete clarity, but with far greater clarity than the people who are now in charge. They are the Bill Gates, Dean Kamen,s Steven Hawking’s,and others of their ilk. Maybe we aren’t aware of who all of them are. Maybe we just aren’t asking them the right questions, or maybe, just maybe, we don’t want to hear the answers.

We can develop greater weapons of mass destruction than ever before. We have guns and tanks and ships and planes that are terribly frightening…so have the ‘other guys.’ Is that what this country, other countries, the world is all about? Are we willing to abandon any hope of world survival by just building better WMD’s? C’mon folks, let’s stop the nonsense. Let us once again be the great nation we were in the past by being specific about how we’re going to plan our future and let’s knock off the glittering generalities, a.k.a., bullshit, that we’re hearing to much of from every candidate.

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It seems to me that I have never heard as many slurs against the President of the United States as I have since Barack Obama became the CEO of this nation. Congressman Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina openly called the President a liar during a joint session when the President was discussing his health care bill. Most recently, Senator Chuck Grassley (R) Iowa, called the President “stupid.” Before he was elected and even after his election, there were those who questioned whether or not he was born in the United States. Unfortunately, each of the questioners also had that (R) after their names. The point is not whether they are members of the opposition; the question is, “Why are they so disrespectful of the Office of the President of the United States?”

I love some of the film clips I’ve seen of Obama critics. Actor Jon Voight appeared on former Governor Mike Huckabee’s FOX news program and made such disparaging remarks about the President of the United States that had he done it to Ronald Reagan or George Bush, he would have been invited to go hunting with Dick Cheney…as many times as it took.

Once elected, it seems that President Obama was fair game for any and all critics. These attacks seemed more personal than professional. The attacks, however they were viewed, were an attack on the Office of the President; the disrespect was disrespect for the office couched in words that denigrated that honored position. I just happen to be white but I certainly felt that the President was fairer game with some of these insulting people because of the color of his skin and because of his middle name. When I called out a couple of people making insulting and racist remarks, defense mechanisms went up faster than the speed of light.

“He promised to begin bringing the troops home the first day he was in office,” I saw on one Obama documentary, “and now he’s hedging on that promise.” Excuse me, but perhaps it was a mistake on his part to make such a rash promise. He hadn’t been briefed by the Joint Chiefs or any of the intelligence agencies. Is what he said any worse than the flip-flop positions of apparent candidate Mitt Romney? Remember, candidates will say anything to get themselves elected. That’s why none of them are ever to be believed.

Mitt Romney talks about abolishing the Obama health care law despite the fact that it incorporates many of the ideas that were in the health care law that the Governor signed during his tenure in Massachusetts. He talks about job creation, yet under his administration, the state ranked 47th in creating positions and first in state debt. We were so messed up economically during Governor Romney’s only term that he was lucky to get to one of his houses outside of Massachusetts before he was tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.  His predecessors weren’t a hell of a lot better. Jane Swift had been the Lieutenant Governor under Paul Cellucci who had been Lieutenant Governor under Bill Weld, and like Weld, neither finished their term in office. As a lifelong resident of the State, I would caution American voters to never expect strong presidential-caliber leadership from a Massachusetts Republican. For example, Governor Weld, (who might have been the exception to the above statement), left the state’s top job to accept an appointment as Ambassador to Mexico. Fellow Republican, Jesse Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, refused to hold a hearing on the nomination thereby blocking Weld’s opportunity.

We should all understand something very clearly. In order to get elected to public office, all politicians will twist the truth to their advantage. I repeat and emphasize the “all politicians” will do this. Party affiliation doesn’t have a thing to do with it. This is fine; we should expect this. In addition, we should expect them to say things that are uncomplimentary about their opponents. However, it is up to us, the voting public, to check the accuracy or inaccuracy of the statements that are made regarding the issues and it is up to us to call politicians when they begin personal attacks on their opponents. Personal attacks are like curse words; they demonstrate that one is not sufficiently familiar with the English language to choose something appropriate and must resort to more indelicate phraseology.

It is my sincere hope that once Governor Romney is confirmed as the GOP Presidential candidate for 2012, and once President Obama is asked to seek a second term by his Democratic colleagues, that respect will be forthcoming for both men, and that we will not be subjected by those in either camp to unwanted personal attacks. The only thing we have room for in a Presidential election is to determine who is better qualified to hold the office. If records of past performance enter into the equation, so be it, but disrespecting the individual is just plain wrong!

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