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I walk down the hall and into the family room. The television is on and the defendant is telling Judge Judy, “I don’t owe her nuthin!” The judge is trying to explain why she owes the money to the plaintiff, but the defendant continues talking, just as rude as she can possibly be. “She needs a good bitch slap,” says I. “Do it and you’re a racist; a hater, and an all-round bad guy,” responds my partner. I stand there, watching, and the more I watch, the more I want to climb through the television screen, get in this kid’s face, and tell her where to get off. Finally, the judge says, “Let me tell you something: It won’t be my mike that gets turned off. Finding for the plaintiff in the amount of $19.75!”

The rudeness of this young woman – black or white; yellow or red; pink or green – appears to be the norm in today’s society. And if you call them on their rudeness, you are one thing or another. You stop at a stop sign and someone behind you blows his or her horn. You’re standing in line at a checkout and someone bumps you from behind with a carriage; you turn around and they just give you a dirty look like it’s your fault. I’m really sorry…no I’m not…this seems to be a more prevalent attitude among black people than it is among whites, although, wait a minute, all you white folk out there; you’ve got “nuthin” to go bragging about; you’re just as bad in other areas. You drive while talking on the phone and applying your makeup or sipping your latte, so don’t go saying that it’s a racial thing. What it is…is a rudeness thing. It’s a lack of not getting “bitch slapped” when you were young.

Spare the rod and spoil the child my ass. Drop your drawers and get a few good hard smacks; get told why and get told never to do it again. Set the rules and regulations early and stick to them. Today’s generation seems to believe that rules do not apply. Yes, yes, yes, I’m fully aware that it wasn’t that many weeks ago, I wrote something similar. The difference is that this time, I am really upset, angry, and generally pissed off at the various types of rudeness that exist today. Rude has become the norm rather than the exception. The worst part about it is when you politely tell the person that they’re being rude or “not very nice,” or “I’m sorry but I didn’t hear you say ‘excuse me.’” And they don’t! I often wonder if rude people actually know that they’re being rude, or have they gotten away with their actions for so long that it is second nature to them; that they don’t even understand their rudeness.

I still hold doors for people to enter, particularly women. I still say “please” and “thank you” when Juli asks and then brings me hot chocolate when I return from the gym. I say excuse me to sales people in stores if it appears they’re standing around with their thumb in their bum and their mind in neutral. Sometimes you’d think that I was interrupting something truly important to them, like doing what they are getting paid to do. I stop at stop signs. I do not obey speed limits, particularly on highways, but I also do not text or talk on the phone while I’m driving. I’d like to be able to keep a car length for every ten miles per hour between me and the guy in front of me, but you know as well as I do what happens…another car just jumps in and narrows the gap. Am I ever rude to others? Yes, probably; if you piss me off sufficiently, I’ll probably tell you to “f**k off.” When you’re my age, you can generally get away with it. (Actually, I only say that to my ‘friends.’) No, I’ll probably just stare at the offender until he or she says, “What?” Then I’ll smile and walk away…because, quite frankly, if someone irritates me that much, they’re not worth my time or the effort to explain to them what they have done to infuriate me.

It’s becoming more and more difficult for me not to adopt the attitude that I see in many others today. My old college dean, Roger Hamilton, would have said about these people, “They are rude, crude, malicious, vicious, and ignorant.” I know that for a fact because I actually heard him say that to a few people when I was one of his students. Thankfully, I was never the victim of one of his verbal assaults.

Ours is a world of wonderful, magnificent in fact, medical, scientific, and technological advances. However, we appear to have lost something along the way. We have lost the art of kindness; of obeying rules; of treating people as we would wish to be treated. I wish that I understood exactly what happened to make us do the things we do; treat people as if they were dog doo-doo; act as if we’re the only ones with rights; speak in a manner that immediately despoils the English language. It makes me fearful for future generations. I hope there is a return to good manners and polite behavior. Don’t know how it’s going to happen but it certainly would be refreshing

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Never in my life have I considered myself to be particularly…what is that word…ah, yeah, brilliant. I’m just not. I’m an average guy with an average amount of intelligence and, hopefully, a great deal of common sense. I am, admittedly, quite opinionated and at times quite stubborn (My friends are reading this and saying, “Thank God; he is finally confessing what we’ve known for years”). As you can tell, I’m setting the stage here to launch off onto a tangent about other people.

First and foremost, I have developed an intense dislike for those elected officials who now serve as members of the Congress of the United States of America. For the past five or six years, they have put their political party and their own self-interests ahead of those of the country. For example, does the country need a national health care plan? The answer is, “Yes.” The fact that seven presidents before him were unable to get one through Congress is to the credit of the incumbent president. Did he threaten, cajole, and run roughshod over both houses to get it through? Sure, probably, and why not? Is it a good bill? Eh, who really knows; the goddamned thing is 20,000 pages in length with more to follow, and without question, there are sections of the law that are self-serving to some group or other. It is the beginning of a law that has been needed for some time. However, this particular Congress wants to scrap the whole thing; get rid of it; start over with new thoughts. Hey, wait a minute, if every one of those 20,000 pages suck, why the hell did you vote for it. But that’s what this Congress wants to do, and why? In large measure, it would appear that this Congress does not want this president to have any kind of legacy when he leaves office, and why? As sorry as I am to say it, there is sufficient racial prejudice in this Congress that they don’t want to give a Black president any credit for anything; sad, very sad, but it’s true. Now, to further demonstrate stupidity of this Congress, they voted for the Keystone pipeline to be extended to the Gulf knowing full-well that this president had environmental concerns about the pipeline and expressed his intention of defeating it, but they voted for it anyway…and he vetoed it. Why would you go ahead and vote for or against; why even bring it to the floor if you knew it was going to be vetoed and you didn’t have the votes to overturn the veto? Stupid; that’s all it is; stupid. Don’t we have enough problems in this country that require intelligent, well-thought-out legislative action without (a) beating a dead horse in the Affordable Care Act and (b) voting on an issue that is already dead?

Who are these people who make up the legislative branch of government? They are, supposedly, intelligent, articulate, people. Many of them have been in office for years, getting reelected with regularity by the people of their state or district. It causes me to begin to wonder about the people who continually reelect these people. Now, I’m not a television freak, but I have taken to watching one additional program. I say “additional” because I do watch the news on several channels, along with The Big Bang Theory and several on demand series. No, the program I have added is Judge Judy. This program has given me insight as to why these same people keep getting reelected. It’s because the people who vote are the same people who appear as plaintiffs and defendants on Judge Judy. And they are idiots. They are not actors; they are real people. They are flown to the show; they are put up in hotels; they are given a stipend for their appearance…and they are idiots, idiots, idiots.

Quite frankly, when I go to the gym, I meet people from all walks of life. They carry on intelligent conversations. They appear to be reasonable and sensible people. They don’t appear to be like the people I see on Judge Judy, but now I begin to wonder. Maybe these are the people who say, “Fuck it” and don’t bother to vote, although I find that doubtful. Maybe people who live in this area are a little brighter (a little brighter????) than the people who appear on Judge Judy. “The people are real; the cases are real; the judgments are final.” That’s what the opening on the show says. Should I be doubting this? Are the people really not real? Have they been pulled from asylums around the country? Does the show have talent scouts that go to various mental wards to select these people? Yes, it’s a television program, but holy shit, it’s supposed to be real…and these people are blithering idiots!

So I have to ask myself, who elects the members of Congress? Is it the people with whom I interact on a daily basis or is it the Judge Judy ‘suer’ and ‘suee?’ If it’s the former, what are we doing wrong? If it’s the latter, I guess I can understand why Congress is just so FUBAR.

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